Review of Training game #002

Comparison of Zazzlegut and Phakh Gokhn performance in their 1v1 game.

Game Link:

Game reviewed by Phakh Gokhn.

Picking stage



  1. Strong initial influence over Tarraconensis, Baetica, Hispania, Numidia, Africa.


  1. Easy to be halted from further expansion.
  2. Can be met with positional advantage on Tarraconenis and Hispania bonuses through Aquitania from Southern Gaul.
  3. Can be met with positional advantage on Tarraconenis and Baetica bonuses through Saguntum and Acra Leuce from Hispania bonus.
  4. Can be met with positional advantage on Numidia and Africa bonuses through Carthage.
  5. More picks than necessary, in 2 players game with 4 picks each there will be 8 picks, so you should pick 8 territories at most.
  6. Poor map coverage. Opponent is likely to be able to cover more areas of map.


Phakh Gokhn:


  1. High likelihood to have 10 starting income.
  2. Strong initial influence over Tarraconensis, Baetica, Hispania, Arabia, Africa, Panonia, Dalmatia, Thracia.
  3. Can quickly get to Africa bonus to gain positional advantage on Numidia.
  4. Can quickly reach Saguntum, Acra Leuce from Hispania bonus to gain positional advantage over Baetica, Tarraconensis.
  5. Rapid expansion, can efficiently take bonuses continuously
  6. Good map coverage and plenty expansion routes.
  7. Can prevent Baetica/Tarraconensis counter strategy through Hispania.


  1. Africa (and Egypt) can be countered from Tripolis.
  2. Syria can be countered from Dalmatia.


Playing stage:



Strong moves:

No specifically strong moves.


Weak moves (mistakes):

Turn 5: Underestimated a potential attack from Carthage and Egypt. Opponent had them both as a bonuses and Carthage offered strategic access to Sicily and “Corsica and Sardinia” bonuses, so opponent was likely to defend them. Carthage offered positional advantage over Africa so opponent was likely to use it to his advantage that turn. Taking Leptis Magna pushed front away from Egypt. It had the highest bonus income therefore was the most important to defend. It also allowed reaching Numidia quicker.


Turn 6: Attacking Caralis without much extra armies deployed was a mistake as opponent had strong positions elsewhere so was likely to dedicate that turn’s income to specifically defending Caralis.


Turn 6: It was not clear whether you would be able to take Hispania, so capturing Tarraco was overexpanding.


Turn 6 and 7: You were quickly loosing territories in Numidia and Africa so you should have considered using blockade cards.


Phakh Gokhn:

Strong moves:

Turn 5: Successfully switched focus from Hispania to Tripolis and Africa. With drafted 3 armies from Baleares to preserve them for the future.


Turn 6: With enough delay moves counter attacked opponent by surprise in Baleares.


Weak moves (mistakes):

Turn 4: Attacking Acra Leuce with 10 armies was a risk as opponents by this time tend to have enough income to successfully counterattack.



Zazzlegut : Because of starting in one region faced with problems regarding expansion. Played very predictively – If opponent put a lot of focus somewhere one turn, expected him to put a lot of focus  there next turn and vice versa. Seemingly regarded opponent like an AI expecting AI tactics from him. Did not use blockade cards to halt opponent takeover in Africa and Numidia. Tried to mostly focus on his starting region and did not attempt to march into opponent’s controlled regions (Egypt in particular).


Phakh Gokhn:

Played a solid game greatly influenced by universal picks choices. Had access to map coverage and positional advantages. Quickly switched strategies. Did not allow opponent to snowball his advantage in Hispania. Made an inefficient attack early on opponent.



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