Review of Training game #005

Game Link:

Game reviewed by Phakh Gokhn

Picks review:


White lines represent picks from different players which synergize and help each other.

Black lines represent bonuses which can be attacked by 2 different players at once.

Only 1st 4 picks are accounted for black or white lines

Team A

  1. Not enough focus on Dacia/Illyricum
  2. Largely ignored left side of map(Ponticia, Syria, Arabia).
  3. A lot of 3 picks in one territory. If players with quickest pick doesn’t get his pick, other players probably won’t get it too. It’s better not to make all your picks in same territory, especially if they are later than 3rd/4th picks.
  4. Started in separated regions. LokiReborn can’t help Bugs Bunny if he needs help.


Team B

  1. Nightfly went for dangerous combination of Numidia/Africa. Somebody had to pick Capsa from Tripolis to prevent a strong counter position.
  2. Botanator went for dangerous Southern Gaul/Narbonensis, which can be easily countered. Somebody had to pay more attention to start closer to him in Spain.
  3. Spain region (inclusing all Hispania) is largely ignored.
  4. Ponticia received very little attention.

Game review:

Bugs Bunny:

Turn 2: Didn’t make enough delay moves before his attack on Cilicia from Syria. Could deploy 1 to Syracuse and transfer it to Lillybaeum in Silicy and deploy 1 in Ephesus and transfer to Lycia. Also note that attack of 9 kills as many troops as attack of 8

Turn 3: Tried to take Thracia. It was very unlikely as nightfly had Scythia, which allowed him toattack thracia in 2 different territories which made it much harder to defend it even if taken.


Turn 1: Should have made orders of taking Tarraconensis last as opponent could have broken it with attack after enough delay moves.

Turn 2 onwards: Largely overexpanded and didn’t put enough attention on opponent. Taking Hispania requires 3 turns, costs 12 armies and needs 3 turns to payback. With opponent next to Hispania it’s a bad idea to try to take it.


Turn 2 onwards: Completely ignored Illyricum, would have had problems if opponent tried to take it.

Turn 5: Put zero effort to helping Bugs Bunny, that ment his unavoidable elimination and pressure on Southern Italy.


Turn 2: could focus on Carthrage more because would have had trouble if it was attacked full force.

Game Overview:

LokiReborn put not enough focus on Botanator and overexpanded which allowed to break some of his bonuses easily and later have enough troops to trade Northern Italy for Southern Italy, which was a 2 income loss for his team. Bugs Bunny didn’t make enough order delay moves and later overexpanded as well, which resulted in quick loss of his territories.  Because of this Shredtail was forced to fight opponent team all by himself. Shredtail put more effort in defending his 5 income bonus than helping his teammate Bugs Bunny which resulted in an eliminated team mate and lost 5 income bonus. Botanator had Aventicum, which made having Northern Italy unlikely.

Both teams went mostly for separated regions and weren’t in much contact with teammates.  Team B showed better individual play, defended when necessary and attacked when saw an opportunity for it. Team B also sought to gain positional advantage over opponents and put effort to maintain their treats and keep opponents on defence.


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