Review #006

Reviewed by: wct

Game link:

Picks and how they turned out:



Picks review:

– Nazgul cluster picks around Africa, only makes 4 picks. Misses city bonuses.

– Cthulu only makes 5 picks. Misses city bonuses.

– Nazgul and Cthulu overlap on their picks. Sometimes this is good, but only if intentional. In this case, they will lack map coverage.

– Leviathan only 5 picks. Overlapping with Phakh. Could be okay if intentional.

– Minimum picks should be 6, if you know your team mate will not overlap you. Otherwise, 8. Rule of thumb: should_pick = num_players * picks_per_player = 4 * 2 = 8

– Game seems determined by picks, with team A trapped in Africa, except for one random pick that ended up in Britain.


Gameplay review:

– In turn 4, Cthulu defends Capsa instead of Saldae, resulting in loss of a bonus. Also, attacked with a small stack against a larger stack, wiping out his own stack and leaving himself defenseless. Since he was also expanding in north, and since he had previously donated some armies to Nazgul, he should have assumed that he was behind Phakh on income, and so should have remained defensive for at least one turn, while expanding in the north.

– One notable thing that Nazgul did right was to use 1 army attacks against Carthage to whittle down Leviathan’s stack a wee bit.

– Another thing is that Nazgul refrained from attacking while he was at a disadvantage. However, in turn 4, he should have known he would have the stack advantage finally (from previous donations of Chtulu), and made a full attack against Carthage, instead of waiting for the next turn.

– On turn 5, Cthulu attacks Saldae, but with a diminished income, he should have known that his stack would be too small, especially since again he was expanding in the north. More emphasis should have been placed on expansion in the north at that point, as a last-ditch attempt to regain income. But in the end it was too late anyway.

– Leviathan played well, to rebuild a stack on Lillybaeum and eventually regain stack superiority via greater income and only one territory exposed to the enemy.


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