Review #007

Reviewed by: wct

Game link:


Picks and how they turned out:



Picks review:

– Minimum picks should be 8 (if not coordinated with team mate) or 6 (if no overlap with team mate).

– Syed only makes 4 picks. Good map coverage.

– Penino only makes 4 picks. Somewhat clustered in the centre, but at least it’s only one pick per bonus, and centre isn’t such a bad place to be.

– Nazgul makes only 5 picks. Somewhat clustered centre-right,

– Phakh only makes 5 picks. Focuses on cities. Good coverage.

– From picks, it looks like there will be a brawl pretty early in the game in the north east. No obvious advantage from picks.

– Intelligence from picks: Syed should know that someone is in Carthage.

– Initial layout looks pretty spread out. Should be a pretty good competition. Nazgul is a bit isolated from his team mate and could become surrounded by team B.


Game review:

– Turn 2, Nazgul attacks Dacia instead of Tribus Iazges. Dacia only borders one enemy territory, while Tribus borders two. Priority should have been given to Tribus so that it is harder for the enemy to defend against the position.

– Turn 3, Syed attacks Judea with 3. Much better would have been to finish his Arabia bonus by taking Petra.

– Syed could have consolidated his lone armies in the West to Hispalis, which would have made it easier to expand in the West the next turn.

– Nazgul did well to quickly move his left-overs into his stack at Scythia. However, he should have expected that peninho would have to have deployed to Narona for defense. Therefore, Tribus would likely be vulnerable, so he should have attacked with his stack of 10 from Scythia to Tribus on his last move. Even if he did not take Tribus, he would have had stack advantage and weakened whatever medium stack was there. In the current game, he could have gained a big advantage by having the double border on his enemy’s bonuses, with a big stack sitting there.

– It was risky for peninho to attack from Narona. If Nazgul had deployed all to Dacia, he would have had 13 defending against 10, which would have wiped out his attacking stack. Better would have been to play defensive on that turn, putting some of his income into Dacia, and some into Tribus, without attacking from either of them. Work on developing Northern Italy also.

– Turn 4, peninho moves his stack to Dacia, leaving Tribus vulnerable.

– Syed overexpands into Syria, doesn’t put a big enough stack onto Creta, nor big enough attacking stack on Tripolis. Indeed, trying to finish Tripolis this turn is questionable, since it’s only worth 1, and since Syed should know from picks that someone is in Carthage, there’s a good chance that they will be attacking Capsa and/or Saldae this turn. By using these armies elsewhere, such as to build an even bigger stack on Creta, they would have been more useful.

– Syed makes a lucky move to attack Salmantica after Phakh attacked it. However, he leaves Baetica bonus unfinished. Income is very important. Efficient expansion is a basic skill to develop.

– Nazgul makes a good attack. There was some risk to it, though, since peninho could have consolidated his stack into Tribus instead of Dacia, in which case it would have been a weak attack. However, if he and Phakh have been coordinating properly, to decide to attack peninho from both sides to cripple him, then even a weak attack like that would have been worthwhile.

– Turn 5. Syed is vulnerable on too many points. He should try to pick the most important points to defend and let the others wait or let them be captured. For instance, stopping Phakh from taking Cyrene is of vital importance since it is a +4 bonus. Tripolis is only worth +1. He shouldn’t have deployed to Leptis Magna, but instead use those troops elsewhere, such as to bolster Cyrene, to complete Baetica, and/or perhaps to counter attack from Salmantica. The one troop in Leptis Magna should have been transferred to Cyrene on the very first move.

– At this point, defending both Panonia and Dalmatia is likely impossible for peninho. He tries to destroy the stack in Tribus first move, but without any deployments to Mursa or Narona, all Nazgul needs is 2 left-over armies to break one of peninho’s bonuses. Peninho could have realized this and instead tried to move his big stack to attack Nazgul’s income by attacking Scythia to double-border on Thracia. He might have deployed 1 or 2 each in Mursa and Narona, just to try to prevent losing both of them, but this is debatable.

– In order to break both of peninho’s bonuses, Nazgul should have made his small 3 attack first, and the remainder of the stack attack second. This prevents the exactly the situation that happened: Some of his stack was killed in a prior attack, so there were no armies left over to carry out the late 3 attack.

– By losing Egypt and its +4, Team B lost the chance to fight back, and thus this turn marks the beginning of the end of the game.

– It seems apparent that when peninho and Nazgul made early contact, their team mates were both drawn to attack the enemy on a flank. Unfortunately for team B, Panonia and Dalmatia alone do not provide a good defense, since an enemy on either Tribus or Venetia will give a double border that’s hard to defend. Whereas Asia is easy to defend at Lycia, and holding Scythia protects Thracia from being double-bordered. So Team A had a better-defended member in the giant sandwich.

– Major lesson: Double-bordering is a big advantage. Don’t get double-bordered. Double-border your enemies. Choose picks which don’t have easy double-bordering counter-picks. Choose picks that can easily double-border opponents.


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