Mega review of 5 1v1 training games

5 Game mega review.

Reviewer: Phakh Gokhn

In this game players only received 1 pick and the goal of these games was to check how well players understood importance of map coverage.

Picks Map:


Lokireborn picked 1 more territory than necessary. Zazzlegut picked 8 more picks than necessary. Only 2 picks will be received, so picking more is a waste of time, especially on noluck setting. 2nd picks should be used to be a direct counter to 1st pick, because if you lose 1st pick, it means that opponent gets it, and with such knowledge it’s easy to counter him.

Zazzlegut, Lokireborn, Nazgul and Radoverlord had poor map coverage.



Players who started in Spain had worse income and slower expansion compared to some other starts:


From bonuses Phakh Gokhn can get 3+4+5+6+17=35 bonus armies (usually 30)


In this case he can get 0+6+7+10+17=40 bonus armies


In this case he can get 1+1+5+5+9+15=36 (usually 31) bonus armies.

Now compare it to Spain starts:


Zazzlegut and Lokireborn at most could get 1+2+2+6+6+11=28 bonus armies.


Nazgul at most could get 2+4+6+6+11=29 bonus armies


Radoverlord at most could get 0+0+7+7+11=25 bonus armies.

Spain also has disadvantage of slow to take bonuses. Narbonensis and Southern Gaul both require 3 turns to be taken from Spain and they are unreliable, because from Genua in Northen Italy opponent could gain massive positional advantage over those bonuses. Assaulting Italy from Spain is difficult, the best route is through Mauretania, but it requires 4 turns to be taken and has poor bonus/territories ratio.

Starting positions review:

  1. When you get 1 territory, you should not pick in Spain as it’s only going to lead to disadvantages for you.
  2. Illyricum has best expansion and good map coverage, but can be countered if someone starts next to it.
  3. Southern Italy has best map coverage, but worst expansion and cannot overcome Carthage start. Southern Italy can face with problems when expanding, because Northern Italy is hard to be taken if opponent is in France.
  4. Egypt has poor map coverage, good defense and can pose a big treat to Africa.
  5. France is not recommended, because it’s hard to defend and has poor map coverage.
  6. Turkey/Syria are easy to defend and can get quick early income, but suffer because of poor map coverage.
  7. Carthage has good defense and map coverage, but can’t compete very well with Egypt and Illyricum starts.

Illyricum is the best bonus to start followed by Carthage. Egypt and Ponticia can work too, but they are much more riskier than previous 2 options. Southern Italy can overcome Spain and France, but easily falls if it gets denied access to Carthage. Other bonuses can be considered as counters, but are likely to lose if you fail to predict where opponent is going to start.

Gameplay review:

Game with Nazgul

At turn 8 Nazgul overexpanded and allowed his opponent to easily take over his territories. Later he allowed opponent to take Genua which granted him positional advantage for remaining turns. Nazgul put 0 effort  into defending Sardinia and Corsica bonus and same happened later in Numidia and Mauretania bonuses. Nazgul probably should have expected that big deploy in Taurasia on turn 10 and should have defended Moguntiacum instead.


Overall Nazgul played very softly and focused too much on expansion rather than fighting opponent. He also only focused on key value regions allowing opponent to weaken him with small attacks in low priority regions.

Game with Zazzlegut

Phakh Gokhn did not pay enough attention to Spain. After turn 4 it should have become clear for him that his opponent did not start in France and should have checked Hispania. After meeting opponent in Baleares, he should have checked Mauretania. Phakh Gokhn suffered from overexpansion especially on turn 5.


Zazzlegut played very predictably. When both players had low army counts adjacent, he would deploy and not attack, when he had more armies he would attack. He tried to split income evenly on all borders which did not work because opponent used concentrated attacks deploying most of his income in single spots. On turn 3 Zazzlegut should have attacked Acra Leuce instead of Saguntum, because Saguntum did not spread process of taking over Hispania.

Overall both players should expand more reasonably. It seemed like both of them tried to get as much territories as possible and overexpanded. Zazzlegut should be more creative with his moves and choose which territories are more important than others. When he has positional advantage like he had on turn 7 in Cartenna, he should try to convert it into broken opponent’s bonuses and not wait.


Game with LokiReborn

This game is very similar with game with Zazzlegut. Both of these players share very similar mistakes.  Lokireborn on turn 7 instead of going for Northern Italy should have focused on defending Aquitania. After Phakh Gokhn took it he had additional option of attacking Spain which made Lokireborn split his focus on defence and ultimately loose. On turn 11 Lokireborn completely ignored Spain which could have easily resulted in taking over Hispania and by this point opponent had enough income to focus on every single front so surprises were unlikely to work.


Game with Radoverlord

Radoverlord did similar mistakes like Nazgul. He had the worst start of all the players and was down by a big amount of armies/territories when he met his opponent. He kept underestimating his opponent and was unprepared to defend against full force attacks. On turn 9 he played passively and split his armies too much in France.

Game with Bugs Bunny

Phakh Gokhn had worse start and overexpanded. When he met his opponent he was down in armies and could not recover. On turn 4 Bugs Bunny made a very good move to take Spoletium from Pisae. It helped him to gain positional advantage and gain positional advantage. These kind of moves should always be considered when available!



All of the games were decided on picks and players further accelerated their defeat by making mistakes. When picking it is very important to consider these things:

  1. Map Coverage
  2. Expansion efficiency and speed
  3. Bonus safety
  4. Options to gain positional advantage

During the game players should try to predict where opponent is and prevent potential upcoming ambushes. Players should not consider every territory of same value and they should decide their priorities. Players should also avoid overexpansion and always ensure that they don’t allow opponent to push onto their territories while the player is expanding somewhere else. Positional advantage is very important and opponent should not be allowed to get it.