About Warlight

Warlight is a free internet strategy game developed by Fizzer available on PC, Android and Ios.

The gameplay is similar to chess. Game board is replaced by maps whom can take any form imaginable raging from real world’s countries to abstract forms. Chess pieces are replaced with armies which are faceless numbers on map’s territories. There is also an option to add commander unit to games which functions like a king and once eliminated results in its owners’ defeat.

At the start of game players either manually or randomly  are assigned with territories of map, the territories which they don’t get are neutral, but still have armies on them. Each turn consists of deployments and move orders.

During deployments players put a certain amount of armies on their territories which is decided by income. Income consists of base income which is the same the entire game for both players and additional income which can be gained by controlling specific groups of territories called “bonuses” or sometimes by controlling a certain numbers of territories. If player’s total income is 5, he can deploy 5 different armies to any territories he wants even deploy all territories to same territory if he wants to as there is no cap on how many armies a territory can have. All of the armies need to be deployed somewhere before player can commit turn.

During move order player can choose any territory and make an order from it to attack another neutral or opponent’s territory or transfer its armies to another of his or allies’ territory. It is only possible to issue order to a certain territory once per turn. This phase is optional and if player wants to, he can make no move orders during that turn. Once both players commit their orders, the turn begins and during it all their orders play out.

The goal of game is most often to get higher income than opponent through either getting income faster than opponent does or by preventing opponent securing his income. Whichever player has the highest income usually proceeds to eliminate his opponent which ends the game.

Warlight games can consist from 2 to 40 human or AI players whom can be split to any amount of teams possible. The games can be either multi-day or real-time and the time  limit for a turn can rage anywhere from 1 minute to 100 days. Warlight has a singleplayer too, which offers player multiple scenarios to complete user made custom levels.

Warlight through years of its existence has garnered a big community. Hundreds of games are made and played daily. There are options to play competitively and join tournaments or ladders. There is also an option to earn money from playing coin games which everyone can try out as every new player is given an option of free 100 coins worth 1 US dollar in total. Player who seek a sense of close community have options to join one of many Warlight clans or participate in Warlight forums.

Warlight offers very high variety of customization options: over 1000 different maps and over 40 different game settings! Most of them need to be unlocked by leveling up, which occurs naturally by playing more multiplayer games. Players who want to gain access to these options quicker have an option to purchase them.

Warlight sells plenty of things raging from colors and name changes to clan ownerships and premium membership. Neither of the sold options makes players have any additional advantage  in their games which helps to keep competitive and fun environment for every player.